Prosolve Safe Solvent Replacement Technology

Safe Solvent Replacement Technology
21st Century Chemical founded in 1998 specializes in replacing hazardous solvents with a unique non-hazardous solvent replacement technology. The uses for this technology can reach into almost any application or industry that use flammable, toxic or chlorinated solvents.

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Pro Solve MMA Flush

21st Century ChemicalPro Solve MMA Flush

PROSOLVE MMA Flush (Methyl Methacrylate) is the first solvent replacement designed to thoroughly flush hard to clean MMA from dispensing equipment with exceptional performance versus using Acetone. Formulated with non-hazardous ingredients that provide a safer and cleaner work environment for employees. PROSOLVE MMA Flush can also be used to strip cured MMA from equipment parts using our heated ultrasonic parts cleaner.


There is no sacrifice for effectiveness over safety when using PROSOLVE MMA Flush, it has a very low toxicity profile and is worker safe.

PROSOLVE MMA Flush is simple to use, after air purging excess MMA turn flush on and capture in a 5 gallon pail to re-use for cleaning static mix tubes and equipment parts. Immediately pull gun apart and put MMA covered components in pail of MMA Flush to start soaking while cleaning other sections. A simple wire brush will help facilitate the cleaning process. Always use virgin PROSOLVE MMA Flush or filter used material before filling pot.


To recycle PROSOLVE MMA Flush use a 100 mesh pail strainer to decant until you see the solids in the bottom of the pail and leave that alone, so it will fully cure. The strained material can then be re-used in the flush pot.


More effective than cleaning with Acetone

No HAP’s or regulated VOC’s

Less time required to clean equipment

Reduces down time from failed equipment


Flushing MMA from dispensing equipment

Cleaning surfaces of excess MMA

Cleaning MMA spills

Stripping cured MMA from parts, tools and equipment


100% biodegradable

Very low toxicity profile


No Prop 65 ingredients


Helps reduce costly repairs to equipment

Can be used several times

Eliminates hazardous waste production

Lowers labor costs


55 gallon drums and totes

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