Prosolve Safe Solvent Replacement Technology

Safe Solvent Replacement Technology
21st Century Chemical founded in 1998 specializes in replacing hazardous solvents with a unique non-hazardous solvent replacement technology. The uses for this technology can reach into almost any application or industry that use flammable, toxic or chlorinated solvents.

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ProSolve Prep Wipes

21st Century ChemicalProSolve Prep Wipes

PROSOLVE Prep Wipes are an excellent alternative to using hazardous solvents on a rag for cleaning and preparing surfaces. Dangerous solvents like Acetone, MEK, IPA etc. can be easily replaced with a new specialized organic solvent replacement developed by 21st Century Chemical that is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous.


PROSOLVE Prep Wipes are made from a melt blown polypropylene fabric which is very oleophilic and leaves very little lint particulates or any residue behind. The Prep Wipes attract dirt and particles like a magnet then become bonded into the wiper, so they do not redeposit on the surface. This cannot be accomplished with typical solvents like Acetone.


Extensive testing has proven PROSOLVE Prep Wipes offer a far superior cleaning solution over conventional solvent wiping. We have discovered that workers always over saturate rags with conventional solvents like Acetone, this does not allow the surface to be effectively cleaned and wastes considerable amounts of solvent.


For a better understanding on the benefits of PROSOLVE Prep Wipes download our white paper on this subject titled “Over saturation, the beginning of future failures”.


Increases surface energy for better bonding

Non-woven wipes are sterile and lint free

Non-Flammable and non-hazardous

Much greater safety, non-toxic ingredients

Zero HAP’s and virtually no VOC’s


Preparing surfaces prior to bonding, painting, coating, etc.

Cleaning all substrates for enhanced bonding

Excellent for cleaning surfaces of almost anything

Removing oil and grease from metals prior to coating

General cleanup of surfaces with fast flash off


100% biodegradable

Very low toxicity profile



Eliminates hazardous rag cleaning and disposal

No solvent containers needed to wet rags

Cost in use saving of over 90%

Pre-saturated wipes eliminate wasted solvent use


100 count tubs packed 6 tubs/case

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