Prosolve Safe Solvent Replacement Technology

Safe Solvent Replacement Technology
21st Century Chemical founded in 1998 specializes in replacing hazardous solvents with a unique non-hazardous solvent replacement technology. The uses for this technology can reach into almost any application or industry that use flammable, toxic or chlorinated solvents.

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Composite Applications

For Composite Manufacturing Prosolve products can solve any need for acetone or other solvents by eliminating the vast amounts of solvent waste normally produced. All resin systems can be cleaned with Prosolve and with far superior super cost savings and end results.

Prosolve Uses in Composite Manufacturing

• Excellent performance as a resin flush
• Cleaning chopper guns
• Cleaning lamination and hand tools
• Gel coat flush & equipment cleaning
• Mold Cleaning
• Prepping surface before bonding
• Greatly reduces health and safety hazards

For composite applications we recommend the following products:

Prosolve Pro Wipes are used for spot cleaning hands on the fly. Eliminates the use of solvents for hand cleaning and will remove absolutely anything from hands immediately.
Prosolve Prep Wipes are used for preparing composite or any surface prior to bonding, painting, etc. This product leaves no residue and will actually increase surface energy. For detailed information please refer to the white paper.

Prosolve Tool Cleaner is used to remove uncured resin from guides, tools, machinery parts, flushing resin lines, etc. Our workhorse formula for cleaning resin from rollers, tolls, flushing, resin guns (internal or external mix). Prosolve Tool Cleaner is used in conjunction with our workstation to help facilitate maximum efficiency, cost savings and elimination of hazardous waste

Tool cleaner can be used multiple times. Once resin is cleaned, it will fall out of the solution to the bottom of the workstation. This flocked material can then be separated by simply decanting the liquid Tool Cleaner from the top. The product that remains in the capture container is comprised of resin and any fillers and pigments being used. Once removed this can then be left to polymerize in a heated container and subsequently disposed of as a solid waste.

For more efficient use in cleaning guides, pipes, tools, etc. we highly recommend our agitating machine to facilitate fast efficient cleaning by adding impingement to the process. This greatly reduces labor and usually only takes 5-10 minutes for superior results. While being able to clean several parts at once.

Prosolve Pro Strip can be used for situations where you have gelled and cured resin on tools, machinery, guides, etc. thought to be ruined. This will drastically reduce replacement part cost and downtime due to repairs.
Prosolve Mold Cleaner is a special non-hazardous but powerful cleaning formula that will not harm the mold surface. Used to effectively remove styrene build up, carbonization, and old release agents.

Filament winding is a fabrication technique for manufacturing composite material, usually in the form of cylindrical structures. The process involves winding filaments under varying amounts of tension over a male mold or mandrel. The mandrel rotates while a carriage moves horizontally, laying down fibers in the desired pattern. The most common filaments are carbon or glass fiber and are coated with synthetic resin as they are wound. Once the mandrel is completely covered to the desired thickness, the mandrel is placed in an oven to solidify (set) the resin. Once the resin has cured, the mandrel is removed, leaving the hollow final product.

Bryan HachtBryan Hacht
Bryan Hacht
September 23, 2018